Solutions Overview

Industry 4.0

Learn how you can digitally transform your company’s production, manufacturing and value creation processes with Enso’s Industry 4.0 solution.

With the evolving technological advancements, transitioning from conventional industrial and manufacturing practices combined with the latest smart technologies would not only improve process efficiencies but also provide better business intelligence insight of your company. Our swift solutions are not only limited to Sri Lanka but we are a global solutions partner.




IoT or the Internet of Things is an interrelated digital interface network that uses big data and actionable information and eliminates the gap between enterprise and automation. IoT is capable of facilitating a wide range of actions in both everyday life and in business across the digital medium. Learn more about how Enso will automate your business with IOT.


Hospital Management Solutions

Our hospital management solutions portfolio brings you high performance client / server and web-based business application for hospital management, clinical management, lab information systems.

Improve your productivity of your hospital/medical institution and achieve your business objectives faster and systematically.


Production Planning and Scheduling

Production planning and scheduling is a critical function to any organization as its objective is to maximize the operational efficiency while reducing costs. Specially to manufacturing sectors, production planning and scheduling could be extremely beneficial as it would significantly save time and cost with an adequately scheduled & streamlined manufacturing process.