It has a serious positive impact on any business, regardless of the type of industry or business. They are able to facilitate many processes which ultimately affects entire production cycles since the market develops at a rapid pace where investors are eagerly paying attention to The Internet of Things.

A new path to IoT value

Realize the full potential of your IoT data, combining it with other contextually relevant data sources to rapidly deliver powerful IoT analytics capabilities to your organization.

  • Gain deeper insights with Qlik's Associative engine that lets you see critical relationships between machine generated IoT data and other relevant data sets such as production, CRM, ERP, web and even third party data.
  • Discover opportunities for innovation with self-service analytics across all your IoT data.
  • Create new revenue streams delivering insights from your data through custom apps and embedded analytics in web-based applications used by your customers.

Expand IoT analytics in the enterprise

Innovation is data driven. Rapidly deploy IoT analytics throughout your organization within a governed framework everyone can trust.

  • A highly intuitive analytics experience enables users of any skill level to explore data in any direction, probe ideas and instantly pivot their thinking if they hit a dead end or see new possibilities.
  • A centralized analytics hub lets users easily share ideas and collaborate to discover new insights and ensures the right people have access to the right IoT data. It's governance with true agility.
  • Easily combine any data source, including big data, regardless of location or format with Qlik's vast array of pre-built data connectors.

Extend the ROI of your IoT ecosystem

Increase the return on your IoT ecosystem with a highly flexible and scalable self-service data analytics platform and a complete offering of services and partnerships to accelerate your success.

  • Provide IoT analytics with rapid response times that easily scale as your users and IoT data increase substantially.
  • Our extensive partner network has the right technology partner to help you create the optimal analytics solution for your IoT ecosystem.
  • Qlik is designed to evolve with the changing needs of your organization. Our highly flexible platform lets you connect to your IoT platform of choice and extend your analytics in almost unlimited directions.


Absolute Data

Streamline Processes with IOT

The Internet of things drives an evolution of modern communication. In simple terms, it is a huge network of connected devices that collects and exchanges data.