SAP S/4HANA is a future-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. This transforms business processes with intelligent automation and runs on SAP HANA – a market-leading in-memory database that offers real-time processing speeds and a dramatically simplified data model.


50% reduction in data footprint

Embedded AI technology

Streamlined data display

Consumer-grade UX across devices

100 times faster reporting

Real-time advanced analytics

Competitive edge and better workflows

Flexible deployment options


Improve profitably and cost with comprehensive analytics

Assess profit and margin contribution to manage performance and assess customer engagement approaches with real-time analysis, predictive analytics and advanced business planning.

Enable subscription-based revenue models

Identify the product and service mix that better suits the customers when providing streamlined invoices, monitoring credit ratings, and addressing conflicts from a complete customer perspective.

Simplify accounting and financial close processes

Combine financial and management accounting and profitability data into a single standardized report, so you can handle joint venture accounting and close the books with less effort in real time.

Support collaborative and automated finance operations

Improve working capital and financial stability with real-time data to determine credit risk for consumers, streamline billing, resolve disputes, and prioritize collections to minimize outstanding days of sales.

Simplify real-estate management

Optimize space utilization, costs, and occupancy by effectively monitoring lease agreements, investments, and construction projects, and by reviewing, maintaining, and restoring facilities.

Improve treasury and financial risk processes

Optimize straight-through delivery with real-time monitoring, audit trails and compliance reporting to reliably forecast cash flow, efficiently control liquidity and proactively mitigate danger.

Manage enterprise risk and compliance effectively

Integrate and automate risk control, compliance monitoring, and foreign trade processes to maximize business operations, protect organizational assets, and enhance financial performance.

Manage commodities efficiently

Addressing financial risk that arises from price volatility by automating contractual pricing based on commodities, using price estimates to build contracts and streamlining invoice processes.

Supply Chain

Provide more accurate commitment dates

Consider business rules, material availability, and allocation guidelines when determining product availability promise dates for customers.

Integrate transportation management

Help ensure timely delivery to the right locations by supporting the complete life cycle of domestic and international freight transport.

Streamline warehouse management

Control of warehouse activities and processes by increasing asset use and overall throughput with best practices for harvesting, packing and shipping.

Optimize inventory levels and processes

Coordinate movements of goods across inbound, outbound and physical inventory processes to minimize waste, loss, damage and interruption of production.


Improve production planning

Coordinate the manufacturing operations from material requirements to inventory – while adapting plans based on your company, supplier network, and plant floor real-time details.

Accelerate production operations

Optimize production and material flow and use methods such as lean management, quality improvement, and just-in-time replenishment to enable versatile and productive manufacturing processes.

Support complex assembly processes

Create effective plans for complex assembly, covering areas such as materials specifications, manufacturing and efficiency planning, as well as material bills, routing, factory layout, and system models.

Support seamless manufacturing engineering

Improve quality and lower cost by promoting cooperation between R&D and manufacturing teams with relevant information and smooth handing over of technical records, material bills, and changes in design.

Enhance quality management

Take immediate action to prevent or fix issues by operating quality control systems in closed loops – from planning to operations – to enable continuous improvement across the enterprise.

R&D and Engineering

Boost efficiency with requirement-driven processes

Efficiently identify, manage, and prioritize product requirements and achieve full traceability by linking requirements to product data, evaluating requirements and gaining input from downstream processes.

Improve project control and product development

Customer-driven technologies are managed, translated and implemented to maximize project performance, produce high-quality projects on schedule and within reach, and uphold robust design standards.

Streamline product lifecycle management

Simplify and speed up the transfer of master data from engineering into production data to quickly create recipes, reuse ingredients and design packaging in a high-performance environment.

Manage enterprise projects effectively

Invest in the right projects by aligning the portfolio of the project with your business strategy to define opportunities, leverage capital and evaluate financial results from beginning until the end.

Speed up product engineering processes

Speed up time to market by increasing BOM management efficiency and facilitating closed-loop inspection planning, while meeting industry standards such as ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9000.


Maximize sales with order and contract management

Improve revenue and cash flow by handling order-to – cash processes flawlessly with multichannel, role-based access to reliable, real-time information across all touchpoints, platforms, and functions.

Drive and manage sales performance

Implement effective compensation and commission management variable-compensation systems while tracking sales success and developing and implementing specific, strategically aligned plans.

Support your sales force and sales managers

Review the sales pipelines and leads, schedule and organize customer experiences and events and evaluate consumers and territories while increasing the size of the deal by precise configurations of solutions.

Professional Services

Understand and optimize engagement profitability

Reduce service costs by offering complete, real-time feedback and automated accounting, time and expenditure processes, while realizing more revenue through streamlined project delivery and billing.

Assess staffing levels anytime, anywhere

Onboard timely critical resources for upcoming projects, continuous monitoring of resources and easy access to contact details to support collaboration among teams, organizations and partners.

Simplify time entry in the cloud

Streamline the processing of time-entry to alert workers when their time entries are rejected and allow them to correct and resubmit their time sheets – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Enforce limits on time and expense billing

Strengthen the confidence of your customers in your product by remaining within the time and cost limit set by applying an upper cap to your sales agreements and service contracts.

Reimagine bid management

Dramatically speed up bid process and improve project margin with more efficient planning, then step seamlessly into project execution with streamlined real-time and historical insight.

Streamline quote-to-cash

Create customer contracts with competitive rates, personalized payment plans and multiple billing methods, while simplifying billing by unified invoicing across all types of engagement.


Gain in-depth purchasing insights

Acquire extensive insights into purchase spending by analyzing purchase orders, purchase requisitions, invoices and contracts, and evaluating the performance of suppliers with access to real-time data.

Streamline operational purchasing

Buy goods and services directly – by bundling demands, automating processes, and simplifying approval and release, while following company policies for preferred suppliers and pricing agreements.

Automate sourcing and contract management

Collect, assign, analyze and access all data points in one system while supporting automated and manual processes to create and manage all types of documentation on procurement.

Centralize procurement processes

Reduce procurement costs and increase inventory use by consolidating requests across business units and geographies, with one unified approval process, rather than multiple approvals.

Manage commodity procurement effectively

Enable commodity procurement and build market quota-based product contracts by automating price estimates, streamlining invoicing, and broadening business-wide ERP functionality.

Reduce supply-chain risk

Improve the visibility of the supply chain to identify and establish relationships with an ideal supplier and partner mix that can better support your strategic vision and reduce supply chain risk.

Assets Management

Streamline maintenance execution

Efficient completion of planned and unplanned maintenance activities to optimize operations and allow technicians to rapidly and efficiently identify, monitor, and fix malfunctions and address emergencies.

Drive safe and compliant operations

Help maintain safe working conditions for all workers in your maintenance department, comply with environmental protection regulations and keep your technical systems secure.

Improve visibility across asset operations and planning

Enable maintenance personnel to proactively track critical and time-sensitive work throughout maintenance activities and inventory of spare parts, while enhancing maintenance productivity with easy access to cost, breakdown rates, and damage analytics.