Our Products & Services

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (Qlik, Power Bi and Tableau)

Knowledge is key as the age old saying goes. But just how true this is for a business is astounding. The gap between the futuristic vision for your business and the present reality of your business, can be merged with the tool of business analytics. Drawing conclusions from the available data requires a process of analysis. Conventional data applications are quite limited and gives you only a fraction of information that you need to know. This is why Enso provides you with AI-powered business intelligence. AI powered business intelligence focuses on descriptive analytics and even predictive analytics to decrypt future business patterns. We are focused on exploiting the newest technologies out there for our valued clients.

Our AI business intelligence software from Qlik, Power Bi by Microsoft and Tablaeu are some of the very best options in the field right now. Rest assured if something better comes up, we will have our hands on it for you! Our team will help you pick the best Business Intelligence software of your choice.

ERP implementations (SAP Hana, SAP B1, Oracle)

Our ERP implementations will enable you a bird’s eye view of your business operation, finances and resources. One of the main reasons that ERP implementations do not produce tangible results are because the software used does not cover your specific business requirements. That is why choosing the right partner for the task is just as important as choosing the right software. We will help you; choose or create the appropriate software, enter your financial data, guide you through the process of using the software and even identify the right time to implement an ERP in your business.

We offer ERP implementations from SAP Hana, SAP B1 and Oracle for various facets such as manufacturing (tea, corrugation and apparel), retail & distribution and logistics.

Mobile Applications (Android, iOS)

Our team of expertise mobile application developers are prepared to design the most effective, user friendly apps so that you can better reach out to your target audience. Allow us to help you build the mobile app of your dreams!

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) for Retail & Restaurant Management

A POS is an invaluable asset in the management of sales in a restaurant or any other business. The POS systems we offer at Enso will help your business implementations progress smoothly. A POS can provide you with invaluable insight about your inventory, customers purchases and customer information, these data are critical as they would help your business grow faster and function uninterrupted. However, we understand that incorporating a new software that would be a central point to your business can be daunting. We are here to make this process easier. From choosing or creating the appropriate POS to navigating through it, we will assist you. The Sales Force Automation we offer automates several tasks such as order processing, contact management and sales forecast analysis.


 Do you think your business can do better? But you just can’t seem to put your finger on how things need to be fixed. Do let us know, because we are here to help. Our bespoke solutions are one of a kind, built just for you. Our team at Enso will take heed of your business processes and customize solutions accordingly.

Hospital Management Solutions (Sukraa)

In this fast-paced society it is an unnerving task for a hospital to maintain proper records of all aspects of a hospital’s operations. Hospital management has dramatically changed over the last few decades.  Hospital Management System (HMS) is the newest technological tool used to streamline all hospital workflows. Introducing an HMS that manages all information pertaining to medical, financial, legal and administrative aspects will ensure the smooth and effective functioning of a hospital or any medical set-up.

Our HMS by Sukraa can be installed in laboratories & diagnostic centres, hospitals and their subsidiaries. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are another advantage that our HMS offers. An EMR is essentially a digitalized version of a patient clinic book which is easy to share across different healthcare settings.