Our Partners

We believe that Enso is what it is because of the amazing partners we have on board. They help us deliver our clients nothing short of the very best in the market.
We bring to you the best products of our enterprise partners; Sukraa, FocusR and 4i apps. Whereas, partnering with Qlik, Microsoft for Power BI as our Business Intelligence partners.
The Bespoke solutions (Customised software solutions based on customer needs and wants) are powered by Crest and Auvit.

Enterprise partners

FocusR Technologies

FocusR Technologies are ERP implementors based in India, Thailand and Singapore they reach out to the global market via partnerships like ours. From financial management, industrial engineering to production planning and professional their applications and products available are vast. Their applications include Oracle implementation with a specialization in SAP.


Sukraa is an Indian company with a global scale impact. They are the leading providers of hospital management solutions (HMS). Sukraa focuses on delivering cost-effective HMS solutions for hospitals, laboratories, clinics and patient record maintenance. They also provide web-based business applications for banks, hotels and manufacturing units.

Pelican Cube

Are you in need of a GPS mobile tracking system? Look no further, Pelican Cube is your solution provider. GPS tracking of goods, drivers, and vehicles for industries are some of the applications of their system. They also offer other IT services such as CCTV surveillance solutions and fuel monitoring solutions. As their enterprise partners we carry out GPS mobile tracking system implementations for them in Sri Lanka.


Xmplar based in India offers cloud solutions with an open source licensing. We are their licensed partners executing Crest-ERP implementations for our clients in Sri Lanka. Our team at Enso is trained to carry out the development, installation and completion of Crest ERP implementation. Since we are directly in partnership with Xmplar, this gives our client an advantage of getting in touch with Xmplar through Enso if the need arises.


They are all about enabling businesses strategize, prepare and implement ERP and analytics. Located in 7 countries they are cloud application consultants specializing in Oracle implementations.  Oracle bears the mission of helping people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities. They offer a variety of fusion applications such as enterprise performance management with a specialization in artificial intelligence. At ENSO we carryout marketing for 4i apps and Oracle implementations.

Technology partners


If we were to discuss about business analytics nobody deserves the spotlight better than Qlik. Data integration and data analytics for every industry out there are catered for by them. Partnering with Qlik US has enabled us to carryout licensing and implementations for our clients. Qlik offers services in the areas of retail, financial services, manufacturing, digital agency, restaurants, hotels, healthcare and many more verticals.

Crest ERP

Brought to you by Xmplar, Crest ERP is one of the ERP solutions in the field right now. Crest ERP is very accommodating of the upscaling of a business, considering additional business processes and functionalities. Their ERP implementations are also known to increase productivity and propel great forecast and tracking.

Microsoft- Power BI

Standing the test of time Microsoft is still going strong developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling software, consumer electronics, personal computers. Power BI by Microsoft is one of the most powerful and reliable business intelligence tools out there. we are authorized to carry out Microsoft implementations for our clients.