Oracle ERP


Ledger and Analytics
– Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform
– Self-Service Reporting
– Collaborative Close
– Visualization Capabilities
Payables and Assets
– Invoices and Payments
– Utilization
– Project Talent
– Cash Management
Revenue Management
– Contract and Performance Obligations
– Revenue Allocations
– Recognition
– Liabilities and Assets
– Customers
– Customer Invoices and Payments
– Balance and Revenue Management
– Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting to Cash
– Customer Ranking
– Strategies
– Payment Management
– Later-Stage Collections
– Self Service
– Policy Controls
– Mobile Expenses
– Project and Travel Integration
Accounting Hub
– Agile Accounting
– Control
– Analysis Across the Enterprise
– Audit and Reconciliation

Project Management

Project Management
– Collaborative Planning
– Simplified Scheduling
– Projects for Product Lifecycle Management
– Planning Made Easy
Resource Management
– Search and Match
– Utilization
– Project Talent
– Resource Pools
Task Management
– Unified Work
– Embedded Social
– Immediate Status
– Team Member Mobile
Project Cost Control
– Project Control
– Project Costing
– Cost Capture
– Capital Projects
Project Billing and Contracts
– Customer Invoicing
– Contract Billing
– Flexibility
– Project Revenue
Grants Management
– Award Management
– Spending Control
– Indirect Costs
– Grant Billing
– Collaborate
– Streamline
– Analyze

– Performance
– Real-Time Reporting
– Interactive Dashboards
– Embedded Insight


– Standardize
– Improve Visibility
– Ensure Compliance


– Streamline Processes
– Simplify Shopping
– Enforce Negotiated Pricing

Supplier Management

– Manage Qualifications
– Improve Information Accuracy
– Enable Supplier Collaboration

Risk Management

Secure Role Design

– Speed Up ERP Implementation

– Build Job Roles Without Inherent Risk

– Configure Models and Start Using Results in Hours

Deep Access and SoD Analysis

– Automate Fine-Grain Security Analysis

– Accelerate Security Implementation

– Enforce Configured Access Controls After Go-Live

– Design New Access Controls

Streamlined User Access Certification

– Meet the SOX Certification Requirement

– Scope Sensitive ERP Roles and Users for Approval by Process Owners

– Replace Spreadsheet- and Email- Based Compliance Tasks

Automated ERP Configuration Audit Controls

– Automate Risk-Based Change Tracking

– Leverage Library of Best-Practice Controls

– Author New Audit Rules and Algorithms

Advanced Transaction Controls

 – Automate Analysis of ERP Data and Transactions

– Use AI to Detect Anomalies and Discover Emerging Risks

– Accelerate Deployment with Configurable Best Practice Controls

Streamlined Internal Controls and SOX Compliance

– Connect Business Results to Risks

– Promote a Risk-Aware Culture

– Remediate Issues and Certify with Confidence

Enterprise Risk Assessments

– Identify Material Risks in Your Enterprise

– Evaluate and Remediate Enterprise Risks

– Schedule Risk Assessments

Integrated Reporting, Dashboarding, and Exception Management

– Utilize Reporting and Dashboarding

– Analyze, Investigate, and Prevent

– Efficiently Manage Exceptions

– Accelerate Audits and Assessments

Enterprise Performance Management


Profitability and Cost Management

Account reconciliation

Financial consolidation and close

Tax Reporting

Narrative Reporting

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Planning




Order Management

IoT and blockchain


Product Lifecycle Management


Adaptive Intelligent Management for ERP

Supplier Categorization

Oracle AI Supplier Categorization Apps for ERP provides smart, multifactor categorization and supplier rankings for optimizing the entire procure-to – pay method.

Intelligent Payment Discounts

Oracle AI Software for ERP Supplier Categorization offers smart input to the discount negotiating process with insights and smart outputs.

Analytics for Cloud ERP

KPI Management
Key performance indicators (KPIs) allow you to track metrics based on what counts for you. That ensures that the results should be consistent with everyone on the
Best Practice Metrics Library
A comprehensive library of best practice metrics incorporates the extensive knowledge of data from Oracle’s business applications.
Prebuilt Analytic Models

Data models are time consuming to develop, and costly to maintain. Oracle packages pre-built models that go deep by subject area and broadly across ERP, HCM, CX and SCM topics to provide a comprehensive overview of the overall performance of your organization.

Extensible Analytics Application Architecture

t is a must-have for your company to be able to customize your analytics-from fresh data to seductive visualizations. With data from other sources, you can expand the models and services to your team without having to worry about updates.

Business Content Areas

Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications will cover a variety of content including finance, human resources, the supply chain, customer experience and engagement, and Netsuite.

Self-Service Data Discovery

A world-class visualization product must meet four criteria: it must be user-friendly, have striking visual appeal, access data from governed as well as personal sources and allow sophisticated analytics that can be shared widely across your consumer community.