Industry Overview


From business applications to custom software solutions and the business intelligence dashboard, Enso provides the tea industry a wide range of solutions to support the growth and advancement of organizations.

Our tailored ERP is a dedicated solution for the tea industry that is designed to perform multiple unique functions such as tea mixing, blending, brewing etc. that ERP allows you to manage the entire process in the tea garden from production, inventory, costing and packaging to shipping.

Further, Enso’s extended range of solutions offered to the tea industry such as BI solutions can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP, inhouse system or any third-party business applications while enabling data-driven decision making to organizations leveraging big data & internet of things.

Complete visualization and data analysis are critical to many businesses, especially for the top management who needs to have a clear detailed overview of the entire organization. Enso provides a complete user driven environment for monitoring operational activities and process automation.

It allows you to have a paperless environment from capturing operational data until complete process operation.

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Increase productivity, save time and money in your manufacturing processes. Enso team is well equipped with the ideal solution for your business of any scale.

Along with Enso planning and scheduling solution, it allows businesses to have complete smart manufacturing across product lifecycle management with complete automation of the factory.

Enso’s highly skilled team of professionals and 24/7 support helps organizations to automate complete manufacturing processes along with smart data gathering and optimization.

Trading & Distribution

Enso offers a robust ERP solution and BI tools combined with several ecommerce platforms for trading in managing sales and inventory, finance & distribution, etc. This solution automates your business processes while giving you complete transparency of the organization.

With business intelligence (BI) tools such as Qlik and Power BI, provides valuable business insights including geographical analysis and complete transparency over the operational management along with Crest ERP solution.

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Sukraa Software Solutions is a well-reputed organization with over 15 years of experience in the hospital industry. Enso possess a wide capacity to serve in the industry along with their team of professionals who have potential experience and the exposure in the hospital industry locally overseas. Sukraa partnered with Enso to extend their service to the hospital industry in Sri Lanka further strengthened their capabilities.

Enso, in partnership with Sukraa offers a broad spectrum of solutions from channeling, patient information, cardiology unit processes, fleet management, nursing station, loyalty, doctor portal and electronic medical record management etc.

The technical and operational expertise of Enso ensures providing the customers with the most cost-effective, ideal solution for hospitals that guarantees 100% return of investment.

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With undeniably the best experience comes along with the Enso management, the team’s strong share of expertise runs deep into the company’s roots. Associating industry standard BI (Business Intelligence) tools such as Qlik and Power BI, Enso is capable of providing in-depth insights on organizations along with the social listening and social media interaction tools that can be integrated to multiple social media channels.

Social media monitoring from the regular behavior to paid social media campaigns can often be crucial to many businesses in the leisure sector. In response to the emerging requirements and the void in the market, Enso has introduced a social interaction tool, which will provide a clear overview on campaigns, and social media channels based on its performance.

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Process automation in the apparel industry from the concept up to the final shipment is completely handled through a single solution provided by Enso. Its order- based on running MRP also offers recommendations for necessary purchases and as soon as the goods arrive at the warehouse, reservations are made simultaneously via the system to minimize the additional hassle. The ERP system also provides complete automation of inventory management to make the cutting planning simpler and easier saving time and cost for the company.

Additionally provided planning tool, which enables systematical planning & scheduling easy for companies can be seamlessly integrated to the ERP to make processes much simpler. The smooth data transfer across the planning tool and the ERP back and forth is a significant benefit to the businesses.

The system generated reports and data such as reporting for BOI and customs are created and uploaded automatically through the system while automating the entire processes , making the processes much fast and efficient.

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