Enso for Trading & Distribution

Get a clear & complete view of your entire operations at a single glance with reduced time and costs to enhance operational efficiencies. Enso caters to the fundamental business operation of a trading & distribution organization enabling you to effectively tackle the key challenges faced by a business in this diverse & highly competitive market landscape. Leverage on increased market competitiveness and operating performance to stimulate growth, enhance customer loyalty and boost revenue.

Pain Areas

  • Multiple S/w for multiple processes
  • Struggling to capture the retail sales
  • Unable to consolidate the data
  • Unable to manage vendor stock and account


  • Heterogeneous S/w Environment
  • Barcode solution within the ERP
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Online inventory check
  • Consolidated reports

Our Solutions

  • CREST ERP integrated with POS
  • CREST e-commerce platform
  • CREST Sales CRM
  • Barcode Solutions

Key Functions





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