Enso for Apparel

With over decades of experience and strong leadership of professionals in the apparel industry, Enso provides a complete automation to the apparel industry processes from designing till the shipment. Along with the integrated planning and scheduling solution, we enable you to make rather efficient data-driven decision making.

Our Solutions

Procurement & Supply Chain

Production & Operations

Shipment Management

Finance & Taxation

Merchandizing & Procurement

Power-up your Merchandizing and Procurement processes of your factory with Enso’s unique solution. We tailor to solution segments including, sampling processes, Pre-costing- Purchase raising, Planning & Scheduling Order reservation and Purchase order placements.
In addition, Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and inventory freezing can also be automated to make the functions of merchandising and procurement more competitive for your business.

Warehousing, Inventory & Finished Goods

Our solutions enable you to monitor your Racks and Bins time to time along with automating your factory inventory fluently with Enso’s Solutions.

GRN your goods, carry out QC and even SIBs (Stores inverse Books) can be facilitated for an augmented inventory management function.

You can also automate the warehouse and inventory function with Barcode Systems and RFID scanning systems. Your scanning devices can save a lot of time off your store executives.

Industrial Engineering, Markers, Cutting & Bundling

Your SMV is just as important as your company. It can sink or prosper a customer target price expectation; we understand that various SMVs will be in phases at different points of the product development cycle. Enso’s solutions will enable your Merchandisers to enter SMVs at different stages or monitor the history of the SMVs.

We also understand that markers play a critical role in different meetings, such as Tech-pack, PP or Mini bulk sample meetings. Enso will enable the technical staff of your garment to update the relevant markings to the system and ensure the smooth production of bulk transfers. Say no more, to daily firefighting.

Sub-contracting & Embellishment

Using subcontractors can be also challenging due to system entries that the merchandiser has to insert. Enso will ease the subcontracting operation, whether it is a fraction of a subcontracted business process or whether it is a whole operation.

Continuously monitor your embellishment status and routing status with our solutions.


Enso will automate the entire production order placement, feeding to the line, feeding bundled items, Sawing, Inline QC, Inline poly bag packing.

The decision-makers have the visibility to see what is going on in the production line and to take the necessary decisions.

Work-in-progress (WIP) can also be calculated in this approach where Enso solutions are tailored to closely track and understand whether action is required.

Commercial, Shipping & Documentation

Monitor the status of your shipment documents seamlessly. Merchandisers and managers have visibility over approvals, workflows and other permissions.

Ensure a seamless relation between the factory, the finished goods (FG) and the Commercial Departments. Keep track of what is going on with your shipment and be up to date. Integration with Custom portal and other 3rd party applications.


Our solutions allow you to easily track and manage fixed assets, track shipments, approve shipment requests, monitor profitability, approve PO requests, approve GRNs.

Your finance department can do post-costing quickly and easily. The ability to generate numerous reports with Enso Apparel solutions makes your market analyst more effective and accurate. Workflow and user access controls can help to make the approvals and interactions quicker and easier.

Track your on-time delivery (OTD), Cut to ship, Order to ship, Air freight rate, first time through (FTT) without any hassle.

Value Additions

Achieve your production planning KPIs monitored everyday, order by order across every style. Monitor all the raw-material availability before the production beginning and alert relevant teams on shortages or mismatches.

Use Dashboards and interactive reports for better solutioning. Enso solutions will provide a consistent analysis across the company  and build a data-driven culture. Empower your employees with right business analytics tools to stay ahead of the competition and improve the ROI.

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